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The first step in our marketing process is to establish price. A competitive market analysis of similar properties recently sold in the area is developed by us and reviewed with you. Once agreement on the price is reached, we will propose a marketing plan in writing, covering the marketing tools that will be used as well as their timing.

The following are some of the marketing tools we have and use to market a commercial property. The group of tools selected for use differs according to the specific property being marketed.

  • Produce and distribute a professional flyer describing the property to all on our list of investors, developers and firms who may have an interest.
  • Distinctive signage installed on the site announcing availability.
  • Advertise it in the Multiple Listing Service to make it accessible to all area realtors by computer and in every issue of the MLS publication until it is sold.
  • Provide complete details of the property to our full sales force so that each can give the best sales presentation.
  • Advertise it in newspapers, magazines and the internet; Orlando Sentinel, The Property Sourcebook, Florida Commercial Real Estate Guide, Wall Street Journal, Loopnet, FL Commrex, The Sourcebook Online, Central Florida Commercial Real Estate Society
  • Present it live to the Commercial Real Estate Society of the Board of Realtors — a group of 220+ area investment specialists meeting monthly. Advertise it in their investment paper. Flyer backup.
  • Report to you regularly as agreed in the marketing plan.

We are quite proud and excited about the success of the marketing tools at our disposal and hope that we can soon use them in service to you.